Luxury Events 2015

Switzerland is a diverse country with many things to do, especially in the Summer. Every festival is something different, traditions run strong, and of course, chocolate is a big thing here with an entire fair dedicated to it. Book a private jet flight for the Summer, and watch the regatta race in June, or fly in during the Winter for the Christmas Markets of?home made crafts and art.


April 2015

Stone World Zurich

(April 25-26th, 2015; Zurich)

Ever wonder what kind of gems and treasures the Earth holds beneath its crust? This exhibit at Zurich will show you all the minerals, crystals, gemstones, and more hidden within. Artists and collectors, over 60 exhibitors, take these resources, and reshape them into jewelry and fabulous stone works. Many, if not all of the pieces on display at the this exhibit will also be for sale, to get a one-of-a-kind piece for yourself or someone you know.

May 2015

Day of Open Wineries

(May 30th, 2015; Geneva)

In Canton, Geneva, in late May, over 90 wineries will open up to the public. Admission is free, and upon purchasing a single glass, you are invited to the entire wine tasting event at no extra cost. Taste the wines of every vineyard; travel by foot or on bike, and make your way through the wineries of the town. It’s a great way to get some exercise and have fun doing it, too.

June 2015

Swiss Car Event

(June 12-13th, 2015; Geneva)

Everyone knows the Eastern hemisphere is where all the fancy and exotic cars are born, and Geneva, Switzerland makes a statement this summer with the Swiss Car Event. Great for families and individuals, the show is bound to attract collectors, buyers, and also top retailers. If you’re not looking to buy a car, you can find plenty of accessories, products, and other services of supreme quality to spiff up your own automobile.

Bol d'Or Mirabaud Regatta

(June 12-14th, 2015; Geneva)

Europe’s largest regatta in enclosed waters takes place in Geneva, Switzerland, as boatmen race across Lake Geneva. The race travels across the length of Lake Geneva to the southeastern French extremity, and then loops back to the starting point. Over 500 boats participate every year, and following the regatta are celebrations and a large after-party.

Music Festival

(June 19th -21st, 2015; Geneva)

In late June this year, the streets of Geneva are flooded with over 100 acts of live entertainment and music at more than 30 outdoor venues. The various artists give everyone something to listen to, with performances from hip hop artists to classical music concerts. Most of these concerts are free to attend, so be sure to catch as many as you can, with family, friends, or even a date.

July 2015

12th Zermatt Marathon

(July 4th, 2015; Zermatt)

On July 4th this year, runners will race from Zermatt to Riffelberg, an annual event going on for the 13th year. The entire course is over 42 km, with a climb of over 1900 m. The environment the race course goes through is also one for the spectators to enjoy, as the sights are gorgeous and unforgettable. Currently, the record for finishing the marathon is just under three hours.

Matterhorn Eagle Cup

(July 26th, 2015; Zermatt)

A unique golf tournament held in Zermatt, Switzerland, this isn’t a game restricted to only professionals. All golfers who are members of the associated club, and have a handicap of 36, are invited to sign up for the tournament. The spots are limited to 156 players, and the game takes place between 2-3000 meters altitude. The surroundings of the tournament are beautiful, with green fairways, meadows, and mountains, offering beautiful surroundings to the players and spectators.

Geneva Festival

(July 30th ? August 9th, 2015; Geneva)

The highlight of the summer in late July is the Geneva Festival, drawing over two million people every year. For ten days, floats, parades, parties, and much more entertainment fills the streets of Geneva. The shores of Lake Geneva also open up with Carnival rides, concerts, food stalls, and a variety of shows. Each night, fireworks end the celebration, each sponsored by a different company. Being the largest and most popular celebration for tourists and locals alike, it wouldn’t be complete without one large after-party, and that’s exactly how it ends with a techno parade in the streets.

August 2015

Swiss Food Festival

(August 8-10th, 2015; Zermatt)

Like many food festivals, stalls and shops set up along the streets of Zermatt to give attendees a taste of their signature dishes. A wide range of local taste is offered during the festival, as well as produce that attendees can take home with them to later enjoy. The main highlight that many look forward to is the oxen roast that takes place on the Saturday of the festival.

45th Swiss Folklore Festival

(August 8-10th, 2015; Zermatt)

Every year, the city of Zermatt is overrun in the second weekend of August by Swiss Folklore groups. The Folklore Festival has a major tradition where a parade of fifty folklore groups made up of dancers, yodelers, and musicians march through the streets. Following the parade, performances are set up at the fairgrounds and church square. Food and drinks are provided, as well as entertainment for the whole family.

September 2015

Weltklasse Zurich

(September 3rd, 2015; Zurich)

Watch the best athletes compete in a variety of events in Zurich, and win the Diamond Trophy of the IAAF Diamond League. The prize money is over 40,000 USD; awarded to the athlete with the most points after 16 competitive events. The top performances are met at minute intervals, making every second count. Only the best of the best are invited to this track and field meeting in Zurich, Switzerland.

Zermatt Music Festival

(September 11-20th, 2015; Zermatt)

Every year, the Zermatt Music Academy puts on a festival of classical music performances and concerts. During the festival, workshops are also offered, as well as talks by musicologists and historians. This will be the 10th year of the festival, and the concerts will surely be even grander than before to celebrate a decade of learning and playing music.

Swiss Wrestling and Alphorn Festival

(September 9-12th, 2015; Zermatt)

For three days in September, the people of Zermatt, Switzerland can learn how to wrestle the ?Swiss way.? On the first day, people can learn how to wrestle and test their skills. On the second day, there will be wrestling competitions, followed by an award ceremony and live entertainment. On the final day, all are invited to a ?Schwinger Brunch?, and there will be an air show by the helicopter pilots at Air Zermatt known for their aerobatics.

October 2015

International Chocolatiers and Chocolate Fair

(October 10-11th, 2015; Geneva)

Every year, Geneva, Switzerland continues to reign supreme with Swiss Chocolate, and the best time to boast is during the two-day Chocolate Fair. Chocolate lovers and connoisseurs from all over the world attend the fair, and it’s a great time to connect with chocolate providers, as well as network for businesses and events. Many sweet delights will be on display throughout the fair, and there will also be products on sale related to the chocolate industry and chocolate making techniques.

Auto Zurich Car Show

(October 29th ? November 1st, 2015; Zurich)

Every year, the Auto Zurich Car Show attracts a large number of attendees and exhibitors from all around the world. Many companies and exhibitors take this as a chance to demonstrate their goods and services. Not only is this a great chance for marketing, but all attendees can find plenty of products and services for their personal automobile. Attendees and collectors are also able to participate in allied programs to gather trade and commerce information and updates.

Vernier Sur Rock Festival

(October 9-10th, 2015; Geneva)

This October, a rock festival is coming to Geneva, with performances by many well known artists in a variety of genres. Listen to the sounds of rock, punk, metal, and even reggae. The concert has been going on for 30 years, and every year it just gets better. The event is largely popular amongst the younger crowd, ages between 15 and 22, though that doesn’t mean other age groups can be brought together to enjoy the music.

December 2015

Christmas Tree Festival/Market

(December; All Over)

During the winter holidays, be dazzled by the decorative lights throughout Geneva. Artists from across Switzerland and Europe gather to create colorfully themed light designs to spark some winter cheer amongst?the people of Geneva. There are also Christmas Markets in several cities, such as Zurich, the Fusterie Square, and the Place du Rhone.

Fete de l'Escalade

(December 2015; Geneva, Switzerland)

During the second weekend of December, a festival and a race through the streets of Old Geneva take place as a part of?tradition. Every quarter hour of the day, everyone from children to top athletes take off in running groups, past the St. Pierre Cathedral, and ending in the Parc des Bastions. A torch-lit cooking pot race takes part in the evening, and it all ends with the smashing of chocolate pots. The festival and parades have people dressed in 17th century apparel, and begins with a procession from Rue des Chaudronniers to the Temple of St. Gervais.