Verbier by Helicopter

Verbier, Switzerland is truly the destination for a life of luxury, or even a little getaway to a more exotic location. This village is located within the Swiss Alps, and is not easily accessible to the public. There are no airports close by, making car rides and trains the only way to get there for the average Joe, a trip that can take a couple of hours…unless you’re a client of Air Charter Advisors. We get our clients where they need to go in a number of ways, and when it comes to the exclusive destination of Verbier, we don’t rely on private jets to take you there. We work with helicopters too!

It’s your chance to enjoy the resort culture, away from daily life and society. Become part of the clan of top skiers who have made Verbier their home so that they may enjoy its wonders all year-round. There are some parts of Verbier that have snow no matter the season, whilst other areas change up the terrain pending on the time of year and the weather.

During the summer time, the mountains offer plenty of recreational activities, such as hiking, golf, paragliding, and biking ? there are over 200km of mountain bike trails. When it snows, prepare for cold weather, and get ready to ski, or snowboard. Recognized for its back-country skiing, Verbier offers four valleys for snow sports. Although the back bowl of trails can be accessed, the preset-trails in these valleys tend to be the most popular, as off-site skiing can be dangerous depending on the mountain, snow, etc.

So, unless you plan to drive to Verbier, the best way to get there is by private helicopter charter. At Air Charter Advisors, we can get you very close to where you need to be. We can have helicopter pilots land in a valley where all the helicopters land for private travelers.

Traveling from Zurich to the valley is approximately 50 min to 1 hour by helicopter. After they land, the remaining drive is between 10 minutes ? 15 minutes. You can also fly by helicopter from Sion, for a quicker route. Either way, if you’re going to spend some time in Verbier, Switzerland, flying in a helicopter is the fastest and most effective way to get there.

The pricing below includes all taxes and fuel rates as of 9/4/15, and are subject to change. The cost below is per direction:

$12,500 – 6 passenger helicopter

$17,000 – 8 passenger helicopter

*Pending aircraft availability*

Some of the Helicopters we offer